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The level of knowledge and professional service at Healing From Within is excellent in every way. The entire staff displays a comprehensive master class in acupuncture, herbal medicine, facials, and therapeutic massage. Also, their acupuncture and massage rooms are very tranquil, making their premises perfect for holistic healing and meditation. I have been treated there for various conditions, and always leave feeling much improved. Highly recommended.


I had suffered from post-nasal drip for years until I received treatment from Dr. Soo.  Acupuncture was my last resort to try to find some form of relief for a really annoying problem. Not only did she clear it in a couple of sessions, but also re-balanced my Entire body. I really like that she doesn't just treat one issue at a time, but she looks at your body as a whole. Dr Soo is gentle and caring which makes one feel at ease with her, which is so important when you are being pricked with needles! :). Also, Her facilities are clean and comfortable.

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