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We, women, have some ISSUES!


Acupuncture is an effective and safe treatment option for women throughout the various stages of their hormonal life cycle.  It is effective in treating hormonal imbalances and most women face a wide variety of concerns as they age, from PMS, fertility, childbirth issues, menopausal symptoms and beyond.


Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

  • It is NOT normal to suffer from PMS symptoms such as fatigue, cramps, back pain, mood swings, and depression and anxiety.

  • PMS is due to imbalanced hormonal fluctuations.

  • Acupuncture can correct imbalances and bring long-term relief.

  • It regulates hormonal cycles and provides deep relaxation that helps to calm the mind for smoother menstrual cycle.

Fertility & Pregnancy

  • The major cause of infertility are low energy and high levels of emotional stress.  By managing stress, body becomes more relaxed and better functioning especially in reproductive organs.

  • About 20% of infertility is due to Male factors.  Acupuncture can improve sperm Quality, Quantity, Motility and Morphology.

  • For women undergoing IUI or IVF, acupuncture can increase success rates.  It will save you time and effort, and will also result in healthy babies.


  • The symptoms are linked to hormone imbalances

  • Acupuncture treatments manage symptoms like insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, memory problems, vaginal dryness, and emotional depression and anxiety.


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